Fourth Grade

This section displays pictures from the fourth grade classes for the school year 1973-1974. ¬†We’re trying to collect the pictures for all of the classes. If you have any to contribute, please contact us! We’re also trying to identify everyone, so if you can please pass that along. We have higher resolution scans than what is on the web site. If you would like a copy please contact us.

If you do not want your name appearing in this page please let us know and we will remove it promptly.


Fourth Grade — 4 Comments

  1. on the 4th grade pictures, Mr Buehrer’s class, in row two, the third student from the left, her name was Lisa Theil. In row three, fourth student from the lefts name was Janelle Stratner.

  2. Ok, in pic 3, row 1, UNK# 2 is Marie Macula. UNK#2 is Lorianne Lessig. In row 2, Jennifer Zito is 1st. In row 3, UNK# 3 is Frank Job. In row 4, UNK #1 is Jamie Hern I believe. UNK#2 is Sylvia Mosig and UNK #3 is Mazillo. In row 5, UNK #1 is O’Donnell.

  3. Mr. Sheer’s Class
    1st row left is John Hopkins, 1st row right is Mike Grohowski I think.
    Row 2, 3rd from left is Billy Ray ??
    Row 3 is Frank Jobless, not Job on far right.

    Hope everyone is doing well.

  4. Mr. Hatton’s class
    Row 3, right of Gail Peterson, looks like Ed Roth
    Row 4, right of Val Hazelton, looks like John Shaw

    Mr. Scherr’s class
    Row 2, right of Jen Zito is Mike Clarke
    Row 4, far right is Henry Dawson

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